About MTC Engineering, LLC.

  About our history including other services...      

MTC Engineering is comprised of two family owned and operated businesses dating back to 1978 with the start up of Modern Tool & Die Company in San Diego, California.

After several business purchases, we ended up with CPMI (Controlled Precision Manufacturing Company) which was sold in 1984 and is still in operation in sunny southern California.

After the sale of CPMI, we operated a computer store and a software development company, which were both sold in 1990 for a move to Ohio.

In 1990, New England Tool Company was started in Columbus, Ohio and eventually became MTC Engineering.

MTC Engineering, LLC. is a small job-shop that specializes in custom and/or reverse engineered, hard-to-find machined replacement components and assemblies. We are also an approved government supplier for land, air and sea military vehicles including ground support equipment.

Mailing address:
77 Spring Hollow Lane
Westerville, Ohio 43081
Messages: 614-376-4222 FAX: 614-540-7442

MTC Engineering Services

Engineering and Design Services
Our Engineering and Design Center is the heart of our operation. Our conference room is equipped with white boards for brain storming; a copy machine and computers with AutoCAD for just-in-time editing. Just bring (or e-mail) your presentation to our office prior to the meeting and when you arrive, we'll be set-up and ready to start developing ideas.
Prototype Development and Pre-Production
MTC Engineering has 30 years invested in design, prototyping and model building and delivering turn-key manufacturing and assembly line systems including major assembly fixtures.
General Machining and Assembly
The average age of our machinist is 47.3 years old with an average time in their trade of 22.5 years. This makes our team a good-seasoned source of experience and a strong member when it comes to finding new technologies and improving through-put.
Other and Processing
As an addition to all of our various machine capabilities, we can weld and Paint in-house most of what we build. This makes it easy to deliver turn-key systems including major assembly fixtures or lines complete with spur conveyor lines, feed pallets or multi-task machine tool centers.


Tony Casillas
Sr. Engineer

Email: engineering@mtcengco.com

Member: www.174ahc.org

Joe Casillas
Quality Manager/QE

Email: QE.Mgr@mtcengco.com