Engineering & Design Services Offered by MTC…

1Design and Engineering Center

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Prototype/Model build and development

  • Patent research and analysis/review

  • Tool and machine design, including:

  • Jigs, product aids and special hand tools

  • Weld and subassembly Fixtures

  • Assembly line tooling (With or without automation)

  • Specializing in all areas of mechanical design and drafting

2.  Drafting and System Development

  • Manual drawing conversion to AutoCAD and Catia

  • Drawing (red line) updating and/or standardization of earlier versions of AutoCADTM

  • "As built" documentation in AutoCAD or Catia

  • Customer development of drawing standards and documentation including MIL-STD-1000, 100 and 480 formats. Plus, configuration control and documentation to meet QS-9000 / MIL-STD-9858 requirements

  • BOM and vendor database creation with Import/Export links

  • Customization of AutoCAD menu file to conform to company standards and to simplify CAD operations, including the creation of special POP menus and Block files/CAD Library

3.  General services

  • Plots up to 34" wide (E/A0)

  • File archive to ZIP or CD formats

  • Training

  • AutoCAD 14R to 2012 system modification training