Our Engineering and Design Center is the heart of our operation. Our conference room is equipped
with view projectors; white boards for brain storming; copy machines and computers for just-in-time editing.
Just bring (or e-mail prior to the meeting)

Key Benefits and Engineering Services  


Aside from our normal engineering activities, many of our customers have old product lines that still have consumer value,
but are becoming more and more expensive to produce. We approach this projects in a very systematical manner starting
with establishing a baseline.

   Phase 1 - Project Baseline    

Baselines are defined with one or more of the following tools:

  1. Conversion of manual drawings to CAD and ...

  2. “As Built” documentation or

  3. Reverse Engineering and 

  4. Assembly and Detailing

  5. Patent Research (if needed - see disclaimer)


 Phase 2 - Development

Next comes the development process and a lot of reviewing and editing.

  1. Research alternatives (Materials, Processes, Etc.)

  2. Redesign of product for new technology and/or processes

  3. Model / Prototype Development and testing - This can also lead to unique certification procedures

  4. Build strategy and process definition including FMEA and process control

  5. And after a lot of hard work (UP FRONT), it's time to test the line


 Phase 3 - Final Results


After a lot of hard work (UP FRONT), the customer receives:

  1. Integrated component design structure designed for today's manufacturing methods

  2. Full electronic data transmission capability

  3. “Red Line” incorporation for simplified configuration control - a baseline

  4. CAD database for import/export of vendor and BOM

  5. A tested (and certified) product ready for market or "News Release"


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Note: MTC Engineering is not responsible for Patent infringements of items requested to be Reversed Engineered by a customer. It is the customer’s responsibility to
first fully investigate all possible Patent infringement issues prior to MTC Engineering starting a contract. Additionally, it is the customers responsibility to obtain any and
all licenses requested for items which may potentially be subject to Patent infringement.”