The Building's Roofing Structure...










Roofs have many configurations as you can see by the illustration to the right.

But although the roof designs may vary, the roofs frame construction normally fits into one of two basic designs. (There are others, but these are the ones you will most likely come across on a daily basis.)

  • There is the Rafter and Tie system.

  • And the (Engineered) Truss system.

Both systems are actually engineered, but the rafter and tie system is fabricated one-site, while the trussed system is normally pre-fabricated at a plant away from the building site.

The primary purpose of the roof structure is to transfer loads to the framing walls and down to the site where it is dissipated. (And to have a roof over your head...Ha! Ha!)

There is one additional item to discuss and that's the roofs pitch.

What is pitch??? In simple terms, pitch is the angle of the roof or its slope. Look at this illustration-->

Although the illustration has some additional terms, you can see the basic concept. We'll cover more on roofs as we discuss the exterior coverings of our home.

Now lets start finishing the home...