Welcome to "what are homes made of..."

If you have ever witnessed the building of a home, you will see that although manufactured from simple materials, a home is a historical blend of human needs, wants and technical advances developed over millions of years.

If we look back to the caveman's first needs for basic shelter, we can see the passing of time to become the homes of today with every modern convenience "currently" known to man. ( I stress the word currently as daily, new products and advancements in science and technology change our world.)

That is not to say all innovations introduced over the ages have been to our advantage. We tried lead paints, asbestos, toxic pest controls and with the help from local chemical and processing plants, we managed to pollute the environment and dump toxic waste into the air we breath and the very ground we build our homes.

Not until the late 1980's did we really focus on developing harmony between human wants and needs and "Mother Natures" needs to sustain our species for future generations to come.

New homes are no longer built with asbestos and lead paints and we now practice a building philosophy of  conservation of natural resources.

As I take you through the building of a home via the following buttons, I will try to touch on major developments and what to look for when buying a home - old or new. I will also try to give you some milestones when things changed for the better.

So buckle up and enjoy our humorous little tour...But first, for the legal beagles - This article is not intended for use as a construction guide nor does it cover all aspects of construction. It is important to contact a professional in the specific area of concern you may have or request a home inspection to identify areas of concern.

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