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  Inspection Date:
  Please place an "X" in the appropriate boxes below:

  Not clearly visible Cracks in brick veneer or masonry
    Shingles cupping or curling   Wood siding rotted, cracked, warped
    Shingles, slates, or tiles missing   Concealed areas behind shrubbery and vines
    Pieces of shingles, slates, tiles on the ground   Paint peeling or exposed wood
    Rusted or tarred flashing   Sheathing or siding bulging or delaminating
    Gutters or downspouts missing or damaged   Wood rotted on porches, decks, siding, trim
          Settled or shifted stoops or steps
    PLUMBING   Missing, loose, or hazardous railings.
    Water off        
    Severe corrosion on main water line ELECTRICAL  
    Toilet loose or wetness on the floor   Power off  
    Shower leaking into floor   Size of main breaker or fuse
    Water flow decreases w/2nd-3rd faucet on   Obvious or amateur repairs
    Mixed metals   Ground fault current interrupters
    Corrosion at water heater   Mixed metals in wiring (copper, aluminum)
    Slow drains   Aluminum wiring in branch circuits
    Evidence of leaks   Broken switches, receptacles, fixtures, etc.
          Exposed wiring, obvious missing parts
    HEATING/FIREPLACE   Bonding jumper on water meter, ground rod
    No fuel or power off        
    Fails to Respond   AIR CONDITIONING
    Heat, soot, or smoke damage   Power off  
    Rust or cabinet damage   Fails to respond or cool
    Damaged controls   Cabinet damaged, interior/exterior, blocked
    Obvious or amateur repairs   No filter  
    No filter   Water in drip pan
    Damaged ducts or piping   Blocked condensate drain
    Damaged mortar or loose bricks in fireplace   Supply air very cold
    Insert or woodstove   Damaged ducts
    Flue or chimney leaning/cracked        
    Weather damage to flue   INSULATION  
          None or little
    INTERIOR   Uneven distribution in attic
    Floors not level, uneven   Falling out into crawlspace
    Floors not solid   Hanging / falling in crawlspace
    Doors stick, bind or drag        
    Cracks at doors/windows   SITE  
    Damage from abuse   Site grading slopes toward foundation
    Damaged appliances   Deep cracks or heaving in driveways / walks
    Hazardous stairs/rails   Evidence of floods, erosion
    Stained or rotted wood in attic   Damaged retaining walls
    Stains on ceilings   Damage caused by trees; including tree roots
    Joists / rafters severe splitting or cracking   Swimming pool, play equipment
    Smoke detector(s)   Toxic concerns
This quick inspection check list is not intended to be a substitute for a complete home inspection.
"Don't buy a home without one…Get a Home Inspection and protect your investment."

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